Renting Power Solutions

Power Generators has generators ranging from 2 KVA up to 1250 KVA.

Mobile Generators

Power Generators has a significant number of mobile generators that can be used as backup or main power suppliers whenever and wherever it may be necessary.

For example, Power Generators, provides energy solutions in Greece and the Balkans in events such as:

  • Speeches
  • Concerts
  • Weather-related emergencies
  • Natural catastrophes
  • Major events
  • TV and film productions


Fixed generators

The company’s fixed generators also provide solutions to power needs, big or small, irrespectively of the duration or the location.

power generators

In the past, Power Generators has given its… lights to constructions sites, shops, businesses and malls throughout the country, helping in emergencies, offering its services during power failures and complementing or replacing the standard power supply for longer periods of time.

Electrical equipment

Power Generators’ safe, efficient electrical equipment can cover any need that may arise from simple or complex temporary electrical installations.

power generators

In addition, the company’s fully trained staff and associates and its infrastructure, tools and related equipment contribute, safely and reliably, to providing integrating services and support to its rental generators as well as to designing fully operational solutions.

Power generators testing

Power Generators can test generators and substations that are installed in its’ clients premises, with privately owned charges up to 1000KW, rising or reducing them by increments of up to 1 KW.

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