Service & Maintenance

Power Generators can take up the supervision and regular service of power generators that are used either as the main source of power or as back ups.

power generators

At the same time, it can take up the diagnostics and repair of failures on a 24/7 basis

In detail, the company's services include:

  • The supervision and scheduled maintenance of generators that are used as the main power supply.
  • The scheduled service and maintenance of generators reserved as backups.
  • The diagnostics and repair of generators used either as backups or as the main power supply.
  • 24/7 personell availability to repair power generator failures.

power generators

To this end Power Generators has:

  • Fully equiped mobile repair units, using 4X4 vehicles.
  • Storage rooms with spare parts and equipement (filters, lubricants etc).
  • A great number of power generators of various capacities ready to support failures or malfunctions
  • A fleet of vehicles to transport personnel and spare parts.
  • All necessary instruments and tools required for the diagnostics and repair of power generators.
  • All necessary means of communication (mobile and land lines, faxes etc) required for  immediate communication and personnel availability 24/7.

power generators

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